In My Yard

January 8, 2008

Back in July we bought this new house, and in the back yard to the side of the house, there lives three citrus trees. None had fruit at the time, so we waited to see what they were. Now that time has passed and they have all produced a crop, I feel confident that one is an orange tree, one is a lemon tree, and one is a hybrid orange-lemon mutant. The first two delivered very delicious fruit, truly some of the best oranges I have had. This bizarre other tree makes fruit that is really only useful as weaponry to throw at the cats that come to poop in our yard.


3 Responses to “In My Yard”

  1. 77free Says:

    maybe once you throw that fruit at the cats they’ll come back and eat it. lol

  2. 77free Says:

    hey another question outside of orange, how do you create folders for each month i want to have do the same thing for my nov and dec blogs.

  3. wordmad Says:

    Mmm, mutant fruit.

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